Sunday, July 31, 2011

Season of the witch

Season of the witch is a movie featuring Nicholas Cage and Ron Pearlman.
It is set back between 1330 and 1340 , briefly skimming the Crusades. 
I've always seen (probably like everyone else) Nicholas Cage as a "one Character"
type of actor. He's good, but only for certain roles. This movie however is a perfect fit for him.
Ron Pearlman I find comes across as the type of actor that goes for whatever gets him a good paycheck.
Though in this movie I find he was a perfect fit as well. His character was pretty much the rough and tough brute character that typical fantasy/medieval stories have. Nicholas Cage's character was also kind of typical but slightly different, his character was portrayed to be the battle hardened warrior who through all the bloodshed still maintains a soft kind heart.  

The story of Season Of The Witch is that 2 men who are comrades and best friends are in the army under the banner of God. (Holy Knights) and with no second guessing the words of their army's "god's voice" who orders them all to do his bidding as he claims it is god's will. They fought many battles and wars and struck down any who opposed them. During one such instant they were to slay all their enemies who are in a fortress/village. Breaking down the gates they all run in through the smoke and start hacking away and as Nicholas Cage's character thrusts his sword forward the smoke clears to reveal that he struck a helpless and innocent women unarmed, as he looks around he sees all his fellow knights hacking away regardless and then sees Ron Pearlman's character looking onward with as much shock as he has. Outraged they argue with the leader and storm off stating that he fights for god, not the church or men claiming to be the voice of god. Shortly after deserting the army along with his best friend they come across a village that has been the victim of an apparent witch and that's where it takes off. The rest would be spoiling it for you all so I'll leave it there.

I liked the movie, I thought it was good, I didn't personally have high hopes for it however due to the fact that it's Nick and Ron, but both of them did a really good job and it was quite a good movie.
Not as good as other movies I've seen lately but good, I give this movie 2 and a half smileys
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